ÖPPETTIDER: Tors 11 – 15, Fre & Lör 11 – 20

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for special opening times.

American Diner in a historic Swedish setting

It pops up like a mirage along route 190. With American flavors, Swedish ingredients, authentic craftsmanship, and international seasonings. Nellie Nilsson has created a Swedish-American joint with a fancy exterior and a quirky interior, good old-fashioned cooking and natural ingredients, a no-waste philosophy, and delicious food and drinks.  

The best from here and (over) there.

American flavors, Swedish ingredients, and spices from all over the world, with a seasonal menu that changes according to what we fancy. How about a Västerbotten cheese pie with seaweed caviar, or a Texas chili con carne with meat from our neighbors at Kilanda Säteri? We let the dough for our pizzas rise slowly in the fridge, with freshly milled organic flour from Wästgötarna and loads of love! 


Tomte AW på Nellie´s 25 november! Glöggmingel, saffrans GT och tomtar på loftet! Öppet kl 17-23! Livemusik av ”Andreas Carlsson & The Moonshine Band” (som kom tvåa i Country SM 2017!) mellan kl 19-22… bra början på julen med andra ord!

I december kör vi vår variant på julinspirerad mat. Inte traditionellt men gött! Julpizza mm. 

17 december håller vi öppet sista dagen på detta året, välkommen att rensa kylarna! Öppnar åter torsdag 12 januari. 

2023: Håll utkik på hemsida efter event, blir alltifrån livespelningar, ölprovningar, Ladie´s night, Gubbakväll mm. Från våren öppet även söndagar. 

Februari 2023: En manlig variant på Ladie´s night måste vi ju ha: Gubbakväll! Denna kväll får alla ladies hålla sig hemma…

Normal opening times: 
Torsdag: 11–15, Fridays–Saturdays: 11.00-20.00. For extra opening times keep an eye on our FB and Insta pages, or give us a call!

The ground floor is accessible.

No waste, with high ambitions and local ingredients

Nellie’s is a place aiming high when it comes to food craftsmanship and ingredients – for anyone who loves food and drink. Here the focus is on local and seasonal, and most things (yep, even the ice cream) are produced on-site in our own kitchen and bakery, using ingredients sourced from the area. 

A seed was planted in Florida

An old chevy parked outside tempted Nellie and Tommy into Cody’s Roadhouse in Crystal River in Florida. When Nellie caught sight of the old petrol pump handles on the entrance door she uttered the prophetic words which would change their lives: 

“We should open a joint like this in the Swedish countryside.”

Petrol station and country store from 1905

Shop over the counter in this classic country store built in 1905. The petrol station and shop were run by three generations of the Hagström family and this well-stocked and cozy shop is for many an important and pleasurable stop on the retro trail along route 190.

More stops along the retro route!

Nellie’s Diner is situated like an oasis along Sweden’s route 66 – route 190. This road is also called the retro route thanks to its special route through the countryside and all the genuine, retro-inspired, businesses along it.