Our food, drinks, ingredients, and suppliers.

No waste with high ambition and local ingredients.

Our menu changes with the seasons, with a few regular favorites. We operate a no-waste philosophy, where we use as much of the ingredient as we can.. 

The region of Västergötland is our pantry

Nearly all our ingredients are sourced locally, which is why it’s a real bonus that the choice we have here is so extensive

Our nearest farms have high standards of animal husbandry and operate sustainably. They supply us with most of our meat and vegetables. We get meat from Kilanda Säteri, as well as the milk we use to make our ice cream. Bondens Skafferi supplies us with most of our greens and the smoked pork we put on our Mustang pizza.

The flour for everything we bake, and our bread, is from Stöpafors Mill and Wästgötarna. Eggs come from Rågqvid farm in Upphärad.

Ölen i tapparna kommer från Wättle Brygghus i Gråbo, 7Brewester i Sjövik och Ahlafors Bryggerier i Ahlafors.

Vinerna levereras av kunniga 1868 Group, som importerar från mindre vingårdar i Piemonte, Italien samt från Tyskland och Frankrike. De flesta av producenterna har ekolologisk eller biodynamisk produktion. Vi får numera även vin från Wine Mechanics som gör vinet i Göteborg med druvor som fraktas till Sverige från hela Europa. 

Make sure you taste the outstandingly good soft drinks that arrive every month from Sodalicious in Trelleborg, or the apple juice from Bondens Skafferi in Alingsås.

Almost everything is made from scratch

In our ambitious restaurant kitchen and own bakery almost everything is made from scratch, and always with natural ingredients. Bread and cakes are baked in our own bakery and the ice cream is made here too, using milk from Kilanda Säteri, no additives, and natural flavorings – some from Nellie and Tommy’s own garden.

No more waste

At Nellie’s, we try and use as much of the ingredient as we can. Any leftover veg is used to make stock. Root vegetable peelings end up in a vegetarian root vegetable soup or are roasted to make crisps. We use surplus egg white from ice cream production in some of the drinks in our bar. Not even the holes in the doughnuts escape.

We work closely with our neighboring shop, Hagströms Lanthandel, to make use of ingredients getting close to their sell-by date, which far too many people choose to “waste”. But as we’ve already said, we’re determined not to do that here at Nellie’s.

Nellie, Tommy and friends.

Nellie used to run Brobacka Kaffestuga, known for its waffles and long-distance motorcycle guests. 
These days she and her husband Tommy have put together a great gang who love meeting people and cooking and baking from scratch.