Lunch, fika or dinner?

Nellie’s menu is so quirky it’s hard to capture it in words. Choices are driven not just by seasonal ingredients but also by passion. But one thing is certain – there’s always a wide choice of good, well-made dishes stuffed full of local ingredients, for all tastes.

Menu example

Artisan pizza is made from dough that has risen slowly, been folded, and is topped with the freshest of ingredients.

Nellie’s fish soup with tropical flavors and a nice chili kick, topped with prawns. Served with our own aioli and homemade bread.

Texas-inspired stew  made with meat from neighboring farms, Kilanda Säteri in particular.

Västerbotten cheese pie with seaweed caviar.

Delicious homemade salads with different accompaniments.

A proper prawn sandwich on homemade bread.

Soups made from mussels, mushrooms, and whatever takes our fancy.

Tasty alternatives for vegetarians and people with allergies.

American and Swedish desserts like key lime pie and ice cream float made with our own homemade ice cream. The milk comes from Kilanda Säteri and the rhubarb and other flavorings are found close to home, sometimes in the garden! 

You’ll always find the current menu by the door at Nellies Diner.